Range Rover Sport





Launched in 2005, the first generation of the Range Rover Sport set a clear intention: to balance the on-road refinement of a luxury car with the ruggedness of an SUV. In 2013 the second and current generation of the Range Rover Sport was unveiled. Fast, agile and responsive it offers a smooth, comfortable and exciting ride. Its robustness is due in part to its air suspension system that allows for three settings, as well as a standard Terrain Response that adjusts chassis and transmission settings to match the topography being traversed. Other performance highlights include its 8-speed automatic transmission with brand exclusive Commandshift and Hill Descent Control. Its cabin is outfitted with beautiful details and plenty of technology and infotainments amenities to help you enjoy the ride. Although 400 pounds lighter than its predecessor, it is longer by about four inches allowing for a third row of seats. With room for up to seven passengers the Range Rover Sport is perfect for a family vacation or group adventure thanks to luxury sedan like premium comforts and expert handling on whatever weather or roads it encounters.


High Quality Comforts: The Sport offers all occupants a chance to enjoy the ride with fine materials and top amenities. Relax into the soft grained leather seats and compliment the drive with a soundtrack playing on the eight-speaker, high end 250 W audio system.

Can-Do Attitude: Brand exclusive Terrain Response with ability to switch between multiple modes allows for more control of the drive. Its agile handling and spirited engine further support its graceful athleticism. No matter where you are going, a Range Rover Sport rental gives you full confidence and a fun ride.

Surprisingly Smooth: Despite its diesel engine the Sport provides an incredibly smooth drive. A lot of innovation went in to ensuring drivers a quiet ride. An acoustic laminated windshield cocoons the cabin from the outside world and smart engineering has made the engine stop/start practically noiseless.